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 Thursday, 18 July 2002
Time Title
09:30-11:00 Plenaries: On-going Forum: open discussion (2)
11:30-13:00 CS & International Orgs: Role of Parliamentarians and the IPU sys...
11:30-13:00 Info Society: A new role for electronic media in the I...
11:30-13:00 Enviro, Trade & Sustainable Dev: Climatic changes
11:30-13:00 Human Development: Cooperation for development: empowering ...
11:30-13:00 Enviro, Trade & Sustainable Dev: WTO and civil society
11:30-13:00 CS-Private Sector: Private sector, food, health and develop...
14:00-15:30 CS & International Orgs: How can civil society strengthen multila...
14:00-15:30 Indigenous, Women & Dev: Improving international cooperation with...
14:00-15:30 Info Society: Civil society organizations in promoting...
14:00-15:30 Indigenous, Women & Dev: The role of indigenous peoples and civil...
14:00-15:30 Health: Role of civil society's organizations in...
14:00-15:30 Human Rights & Law: The role of civil society in the impleme...
14:00-15:30 Peace & Disarmament: Education for peace
14:00-15:30 CS-Private Sector: Private sector - civil society: where is...
14:00-15:30 Self-determination & Conflicts: How civil society can promote the right ...
16:00-17:30 CS & International Orgs: Wrap-up Session
16:00-17:30 Indigenous, Women & Dev: Wrap-up Session
16:00-17:30 Info Society: Wrap-up Session
16:00-17:30 Enviro, Trade & Sustainable Dev: Wrap-up Session
16:00-17:30 Health: Wrap-up Session
16:00-17:30 Human Rights & Law: Wrap-up Session
16:00-17:30 CS-Private Sector: Wrap-up Session
16:00-17:30 Self-determination & Conflicts: Wrap-up Session
18:00-19:30 Human Development: The role of migrants and refugees in int...
18:00-19:30 Human Development: International co-operation and developme...
18:00-19:30 Peace & Disarmament: International Criminal Court
19:30-20:30 Cultural: Los alpaqueros de Puno (The Alpaca Breed...
20:00-21:00 Other sessions: Celto Fools
20:00-21:30 Cultural: Migrants and refugees - A spectre of hop...
19:30-21:00 Info Society: What is Information Society?

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Panellists’ original presentations

This page includes links to original documents that we received from Forum panellists. Requests for additional documents should be directed to the panellists.

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Word Abdoulaye, Fati Ali. Presentation: Peuples autochtones, genre et developpement. (32K)
Word Agina, Mereso. International Community Response to Weapons: Paper Presentation. (41K)
Word Agina, Mereso. International Community Response to Weapons: Paper Presentation by Mereso Agina, Kenya Coalition Against Landmines. (41K)
Word Alarcon, Tomas. Impacto de los Pueblos Indigenasen la Cooperacion Internacional. (25K)
Word Alptekin, Erkin. Self-Determination & Conflict Transformation. (33K)
Word Alptekin, Erkin. Self-Determination & Conflict Transformation. (18K)
Word Annan, Kofi. Speech Delivered on his behalf by Mr. Sergei Ordzhonikidze, Director General of The United Nations Office at Geneva. (100K)


Word Ballantyne, Edith. Women, War and Peace Seminar: Final Report. (96K)
Word Birama Thiam, Papa. Volontariat et Sénégal. (96K)
Word Bittel, Roul. Summary: Training Session World Civil Society Forum. (30K)
Word Blasco Castany, Rafael. Follow-up of the IYV and International Cooperation among Volunteer Organizations. (80K)
Word Blasco Castany, Rafael. Seguimiento del AIV y cooperación internacional entre las organizaciones que trabajan en materia de voluntariado. (74K)
Word Blasco Castany, Rafael. Suivi de l’AIV et la coopération internationale entre les organisations de volontariat. (75K)
Word Bloem, Renate. Statement by Renate Bloem President of the Conference of NGOs in Consultative Relationship with the United Nations (CONGO). (32K)
Word Bonard, Claude. Presentation of the Internet Voting Application Developed in Geneva. (33K)
Word Breining-Kaufmann, Christine. Strengthening Public International Law. (52K)
Word Bridel, Danielle. Intergenerational Cooperation and the Second Assembly on Ageing. (28K)
Word Briones, Angelina. Asia Re-Discovers Organic Agriculture for Poverty Alleviation. (48K)
Word Brown, Angela. International Community Response to Integrating Indigenous and Allopathic Health Care Systems: Experiences from Peru and Guatemala Weapons: Paper Presentation. (22K)
Word Bunn, Isabella. Christian Aid Recommendations for WSSD Commitments. (20K)
Word Bussiek, Hendrick. Creating space for global dialogue: A new independent global television service (46K)
PowerPoint Bussiek, Hendrick. SGS Société Generale de Surveillance SA: SA 8000. (345K)
PowerPoint Bussiek, Hendrick. SA 8000 Handout. (439K)


Word Capeling-Alakija, Sharon. Remarks by Sharon Capeling-Alakija Executive Coordinator, United Nations Volunteers. (106K)
Word Carbonnier, Gilles. Corporate Humanitarian Responsibility. (20K)
PDF Carbonnier, Gilles. Corporate Humanitarian Responsibility and humanitarian action: What relations between the business and humanitarian worlds? (119K)
PowerPoint Celi Vegas, Michel. Private Sector and Development. (186K)
Word Celi Vegas, Michel. Résumé de la présentation. (20K)
Word Chang-Lin, Li. Achieving Youth Participation in Social Service. (54K)
Word Cocault, Claire. The Private Sector and the Environment: Ten Years After Rio. (42K)
Word Cordone, Claudio. No Safe Haven for Perpetrators: Developing Universal Jurisdiction and Overcoming Immunities.(29K)
Word Cotis, Sophy. The role of culture and education in health: Young People’s Role. (47K)
Word Cox, Ricardo. El Papel de la Cooperación Internacional en el Desarrollo de un Turismo Sostenible de Base Comunitaria en Bolivia. (27K)
PowerPoint Currat, Louis J. Correcting the 10/90 Gap in health research: A tool against world poverty. (720K)
Word Cyril, Ritchie. NGO Cooperation and Networking. (36K)


PDF Danezis, George. Traffic Data Retention: Its impact on Civil Society (position). (36K)
PDF Danezis, George. Traffic Data Retention: Its impact on Civil Society (slides). (22K)
Word Delelelgn, Mussie. The Third United Nations Conference on the Least Developed Countries and the role of civil society in implementing the outcome of the Conference. (41K)
Word Demeke, Sable. Accountability should be a Built In Mechanism in any Project to be Carried out by Civil Society Organizations (CSOs). (44K)
Word Dommen, Eduardo. Abstract. (40K)
Word Doswald, Louise. Similarities and differences between Humanitarian Law and Human Rights Law: Consequences on the action of NGOs. (28K)
PowerPoint Dugas, Nada. P&G: a company that improves hygiene, health and development. (164K)
PowerPoint Duncan, Craig. The 5 C’s of Web Design. (1080K)
PowerPoint Dzenowagis, Joankuruvilla and Shyama Kuruvilla. WHO: Health and the Internet. (360K)


PowerPoint Epp, Martin. Helvetas: Private Sector Development and Cooperation Strate (long version). (237K)
PowerPoint Epp, Martin. Helvetas: Private Sector Development and Cooperation Strategy (short version). (193K)
Word Espinosa, Ricardo. Aller vers les gens: accès à l’information de l’ONU. (45K)
Word Esposito, Audrey. Note pour l’intervention sur les principaux statuts consultatifs. (33K)


Word Ferguson, Ian. Civil Society Organisation - Governments Cooperation: Perspectives and Limits. (25K)
PowerPoint Ferrier, Catherine. Pays industrialisés et changements climatiques. (94K)
Word Fust, Walter. Civil Society in International Cooperation. (37K)


Word Ghali, Boutros Boutros. Discours du Secrétaire général de l'Organisation internationale de la Francophonie, Monsieur Boutros Boutros-Ghali, et I'ouverture du Forum de la société civile Genève, le 15 juillet 2002. (45K)
PowerPoint Ghillani, Paola. Commerce équitable: La Force d‘une Vision. (742K)
Word Gradis, Diego. Tradiciones para el Mañana. (32K)
Word Grant Cummings, Joan. Summary Panel Presentation: Durban and Beyond: Moving Forward with a Vision of Race, Gender and Class Equality. (21K)
PowerPoint Gurtner, Bruno. Financing for Development (FfD): Monterrey-Consensus. (264K)


Word Haffouz, Amel. UNCTAD’s Cooperation with Civil Society. (29K)
PowerPoint Hamouda, Eylah Kadjar. The International Campaign to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers: Lessons learned. (83K)
PowerPoint Hauselmann, Pierre. Private Sector, civil society and sustainable development: Some lessons from the forest sector. (57K)
Word Hayford, Gideon Chonia. E-commerce and Fair Trade in Least Developed Nations. (100K)
Word Hediger, Andre. Forum Mondial de la Société Civile Allocution de M. Hédiger – 14 juillet 2002. (100K)
Word Hellum Pren, Catherine. Protection against Torture: a presentation for the World Civil Society Forum. (42K)
Word Herlemont, Nathalie. Le rôle de la société civile dans la mise en œuvre des droits de l’homme et du droit humanitaire. (60K)
Word Hindell, Keith. Giving a Broadcast Interview. (27K)
Word Hlupekile Longwe, Sara. How can Civil Society Influence the Work of International Organisations in Developing Countries?. (38K)
Word Hlupekile Longwe, Sara. The Need for Civil Society to Influence the Work of International Development Organisations. (40K)


Word Impens, Sarah. The Role of Foundations in International Cooperation: The Specific Contribution of Foundations in International Cooperation, as well as the Means to Improve International Cooperation with and Among Foundations. (33K)


Word Jimenez, Cecilia. Prevention of Torture: An Integral Part of the Work against Torture. (31K)
Word Jimenez, Cecilia. Transparencies: Time frame of Human Rights Violations.... (46K)
Word Jordan, Lisa. Notes on Ford Foundation’s Presentation at the World Civil Society Forum. (26K)
Word Julian, Rachel. Conflict transformation: How Civil Society can Make a Difference. (43K)


Word Kirsch, Philippe. International Criminal Court: Notes for a presentation. (29K)
Word Krebs, Viola. Workshop on the follow-up of the International Year of Volunteers (IYV 2001) and International Cooperation among organizations working in the field of volunteering. (38K)
Word Krebs, Viola. Atelier sur le suivi de l'Année Internationale des Volontaires (AIV 2001) et de la coopération internationale entre les organisations de volontaires. (38K)
PowerPoint Kwankam, Yunkap. Telemedicine: potential for use in developing country environments. (615K)


Word Levy, Philippe. The case of Transparency International – Forum against corruption. (32K)
Word Lawrence, Sir Woodward. Organic Agriculture - A Necessity or an Irrelevance in the Creation of a Sustainable Society? (39K)
Word Lin, David. Nuclear Waste in Lan-Yu. (23K)
Word Lin, Shelly. AIDS and Migration in Taiwan: A campaign for the rights of PLHAs. (27K)


Word Mach, Antoine. Summary: Working Group on Private Sector. (26K)
Word Martineau, Raymonde. Plan de la Presentation de Raymonde Martineau. (26K)
Word Mezzalama, Francesco. Statement to the World Civil Society Forum by Inspector Francesco Mezzalama of the Joint Inspection Unit. (30K)


Word Ndiaye, Mohamadou. Presentation on desertification. (53K)
Word Nordmann, Francois. Paroles de bienvenue de François Nordmann, Ambassadeur, chef de la Mission permanente de la Suisse près les organisations internationales. (27K)


Word O' Callaghan, Yvonne. What are Codes of Conduct? (31K)
Word Ordzhonikidze, Sergei. Statement by Mr. Sergei Ordzhonikidze United Nations Under Secretary General Director General of the United Nations Office at Geneva At the welcome ceremony of the World Civil Society Forum (100K)
Word Ortiz, Ruben. Importancia de la Conformación de Alianzas Regionales y Continentales de la Sociedad Civil Organizada para la Cooperación Internacional. (34K)
Word Ortiz, Ruben. Objetivos y Logros de la Alianza Latinoamericana de Redes de ONG’s. (38K)
PowerPoint Odier, Patrick. Private Sector and Ethical Investments. (146K)
Word Ohara, O. Outline presentation by UNHCR, 17 July 2002. (29K)
Word Ortiz, Ruben. El Ecoturismo como Desarrollo Sustentable De las Comunidades. (35K)
Word Ortiz, Ruben. Importancia de la Conformación De Alianzas Regionales y Continentales de la Sociedad Civil Organizada para la Cooperación Internacional. (35K)
Word Ortiz, Ruben. Objetivos y Logros de la Alianza Latinoamericana de Redes de ONG’s. (39K)
Word Oviedo, Gonzalo. Protection of Sacred Natural Sites of Indigenous and Traditional Peoples: Supporting Conservation of Biodiversity and Conservation of Traditional Cultures. (26K)
PowerPoint Oviedo, Gonzalo. Protection of Sacred Natural Sites of Indigenous and Traditional Peoples: Supporting Conservation of Biodiversity and Conservation of Traditional Cultures. (51K)
Word Ozden, Malik. Mondialisation et droits économiques, sociaux et culturels: le rôle de l’ONU. (46K)


Word Paupp, Terrence Edward. Governing Strategies For Addressing Global Poverty, Terrorism, and Nuclear Weapons. (29K)
PowerPoint Pecoul, Bern. Medecins Sans Frontières: Campaign for Access to Essential Medecines. (23K)
Word Peñaloza, Maria. Session 1. Indigenous Peoples, Gender and Development: Synopsis by Maria Peñaloza (WWSF) in consultation with Sylvia Biss and Anaïs Gfeller. (23K)
Word Peñaloza, Maria. Working Group: Indigenous Peoples, Gender and Development: Session 8: Conclusions and Recommendations. (26K)
Word Petitat, Pierre. Cooperation for development – Empowering Civil Society in developing countries. (36K)
Word Pettersen, Bjorn. The UN Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement – human rights and humanitarian law merged into one operational instrument. (22K)
Word Piazzi, Sergio. NGOs and OCHA. (46K)
Word Pimienta, Daniel. The "Mistica" Of Social Oriented and Collaborative Work with the Internet. (323K)
PowerPoint Puig i Boix, Josep. Clean & Energy Efficient Cities: Political Will, Capacity Building and Peoples' Participation. (59K)
PowerPoint Puig i Boix, Josep. The Barcelona Solar Ordinance: A case study about how the impossible became reality. (59K)
Word Pradervand, Elly. Links between Gender and Development. (59K)
Word Pradervand, Elly. Workshop on the Rights of the Child: A Guide for NGOs. (35K)
Word Prove, Peter. Giving Flesh to the Bones of the Right to Health: General Comment No. 14 by the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. (103K)


Word Rahman, Muhammed Saidur. Private Sector and Labour Standard: A Case study of a Socially Responsible Company in Bangladesh. (21K)
PowerPoint Richter, Judith. What is civil society?: The implications of its definition for public policy making. (33K)
Word Rimkunas, Algimantas. WG on Right of Peoples to Self-Determination: Lithuania’s experience. (34K)
Word Robinson, Mary. Message of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. (85K)
Word Rubens, Ricupero. Points developed by Mr. Rubens Ricupero, Secretary-General of UNCTAD in his statement at the Opening Session. (29K)
Word Rubens, Ricupero. Attachment to the points developed by Mr. Rubens Ricupero, Secretary-General of UNCTAD in his statement at the Opening Session of the World Civil Society Forum. (26K)
Word Rundall, Patti. What is the role of the Private Sector in Food, Health and Development? (34K)
Word Rwabahungu, Marc. Législation, sécurisation, et conflits fonciers en Afrique. (28K)
Word Rwabahungu, Marc. Notes. (28K)


Word Segall, Jeffrey. A Civil Society Voice in Global Governance. (24K)
Word Segall, Jeffrey. International Cooperation: From Principles to Practice. (27K)
Word Steinlin, Marc. Partnering with International NGOS: Improving international cooperation with indigenous peoples (IPs). (236K)


Word Takehiko, Uemura. Sustainable Development Governance from Below: Beyond Johannesburg Summit. (21K)
Word Taillant, Jorge Daniel. Center for Human Rights and Environment: Guidelines for Civil Society Advocacy on Human Rights and Corporate Behavior. (118K)
Word Teltscher, Susanne. Gender, ICT and Development: Background note to the presentation given at the World Civil Society Forum. (38K)
Word Tornare, Manuel. Speech. (100K)
Word Trask, Mililani B. Future Perspectives on the Draft Declaration on the Rights Of Indigenous Peoples: Human Rights at a Crossroad. (53K)


Word Uemura, Takehiko. Global Governance and NGOs: Network is a Key to a Sustainable Society in Peace. (24K)
Word UNHCR. Outline presentation by UNHCR, 17 July 2002. (29K)
Word Utting, Peter. NGO Involvement in Promoting Corporate Responsibility: The Role of “Multistakeholder Initiatives”. (26K)


Word Volkmar, Erik. Opportunities and Threats identified as applying to most humanitarian NGOs, re. financing. (23K)


Word Walker, Simon. Summary: Globalization and Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Human Rights and Trade. (39K)
Word Ware, Alyn. Snaring the Sun: Nuclear Abolition in the 21st Century. (36K)
Word Wippel, Gunter. Indigenous Peoples and Private Sector: An NGO Perspective. (49K)
Word Wippel, Gunter. The Right of Peoples to Self-Determination and the Prevention of Conflicts: Session 8: Synthesis, Recommendations and Conclusion. (82K)
Word Wittkamper, Jonah. Small Group Discussion: Relationships between governmental and non-governmental institutions. (26K)
Word Wortley_David. The Role of Civil Society. (24K)
PowerPoint Wortley, David. The Role of Civil Society in promoting an open and inclusive Information Society. (361K)


Word Yoshiyuki, Takagi. Speech. (23K)


PowerPoint Zielinsk, Chris. The International Alliance on Information for All. (408K)
Word Zoller, Adrien-Claude. Notes on speech. (29K)